How exactly do I order? 

A few options

Start by looking through the online gallery. Collect item #s of the rentals you'd like to reserve. Contact me at listing out Date of Rental, Item #s/Quantities and Your Information.


    *OR Use the Contact us section* 

I will contact you with a total and an invoice. You can pay online.

What methods of payments are accepted?

All Types!

We would prefer to go through an electronic check online or cash but also accept Cards via our online service as well. 

Is there a minimum rental? 


We make it easy - rent what you like 

Can I request an item that I don't see?


We are continually looking to grow our collection. Making a request doesn't mean it will be something we make specially but it may be something we are able to build for you. We've made a ton of items from people's suggestions!

What is this refunable charge?

A Security deposit!

Our security deposit is simple. $100 or 25% the total rental whichever is greater. This covers any damaged items that may need replacement. If everything comes back in re-rentable condition we will refund this amount back to you! 

What about deposits / holding the date 

In order for your date and items to be held we need a signed rental agreement, as well as 50% of the rental costs. The remaining amount will be due 30 days prior to your event.

Can you deliver a different day? 

Each venue can be different. We prefer to deliver Friday so that you have the decor you need to decorate. 

Please message specifically to work out alter times if Friday will not work. We try to be flexible!

What is pick up timeline?

For pickups - We will have a predetermined time range set aside. We are flexible - we don't charge late fees if you are running behind. Communication is key but we understand that you are busy organizing your wedding. We live very close to the location so flexibility is our specialty. 



For deliveries - It's as easy as that. You pack up the TOR Trailer with our rental items. We come out and pick it up Sunday at our predetermined time! EASY!

I'm outside the area - Can I still rent?

Of Course!! Our Delivery minimum is $600 but within a range of 40 miles of Wisconsin Rapids. If you are outside of that area pick up and drop offs are a BREEZE! 

How long is the rental

The period is from Thursday (or Friday) until Monday. We schedule your pick up time and then on Monday or Sunday you can drop your items off anytime. Typically, we are extremely flexible but will organize a rough time. 

Uh - Oh Something Broke

We have a you break it you buy it policy. The replacement rate of our items is 4x the rental rate. (most other places are 5-10x the rate). The refundable deposit goes towards this first. Any remainder will be charged to you. Of course if nothing is broken it's all refunded back to you!